What areas do you cover?

We work right across South Kerry, West Cork and Cork City, and sometimes further afield too.

How do payments work?

Before starting, we’ll agree a payment schedule that we’re both happy with, staggering payments across the length of the project. All fees are agreed to in advance, and these will only change if your specifications change.

We always make it clear if our quotes include materials or not. Typically, if it’s specialist building materials then we will include these. If it’s items where you may want to make your own choices then we will not include them making it clear at the time of quotation.  We are always happy to offer advice on materials and local suppliers

Do I need to have plans drawn up?

For minor jobs, there’s no need to have professional plans or to use an architect. For anything requiring planning permission, this is a prerequisite before permission will be granted. In addition, architects will usually draw up detailed calculations for what’s required from us.

Can you recommend architects and other professionals?

Yes, we have details of experienced architects, structural engineers and other trades we can recommend.

How long will the project take?

This will depend on individual projects; we will agree a time schedule in advance. We never cut corners, we never go away halfway through a job to work on something else.

How many people will be working on-site at any one time?

This will depend on the project and we will advise according to project size and length. Our usual working hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Do you remove all waste and clear up?

Yes, we arrange for waste removal as required – the cost of this will be detailed on our quote. We also clear up after ourselves to a practicable extent at the end of each day, and provide protection for your furniture/furnishings.

Can I view any of your previous projects?

Yes, as soon as we have these added to our website (coming soon, please check back again). If you would like to visit specific projects we’ve completed in the past, we can usually arrange for that as well.